About Portaillon

We started out sourcing advice on French tax in English - and now we find advice on every aspect of business and finances in France...

Portaillon sarl is an independent company, created to provide a clear route for those people needing to, or wishing to obtain relevant professional services in respect of business activities carried out in France. We started life providing sound advice on French tax in English - and soon found that English-speakers in France required equally sound advice on a wide range of financial and business matters.

Now, our primary purpose is to provide access to professional service providers, particularly of accountancy and legal services, to clients intending to commence a new business activity in France, or to those who have already launched businesses but who have yet to find their professional assistance.

Bruce Rea-Palmer, chief executive of Portaillon, is a chartered accountant with over 35 years of business experience, both in professional practice and in commerce, and who has spent much of his career involved with small and medium sized enterprises. Bruce is now a resident of France, and has first hand experience of the steps in setting up in business in France. Bruce is backed up by a large team of experienced professionals in France, who collectively combine to provide a country-wide pool of resource to meet all needs of those wishing to start business in France.

Portaillon has grown far beyond its beginnings as an introducer of good advice on French tax in English, and has now established a series of links to different professional service providers, enabling it to offer a single point of contact for introduction to the most relevant services. Portaillon acts as an intermediary to these service providers, and is remunerated by them for this role. Therefore, for the most part and unless disclosed at the initial point of contact, the activities carried out by Portaillon are free of charge to clients.   

Advice on French tax in English - from Portaillon