Our range of services

Everything from English-speaking financial advice to help setting up a business.

When you're up against foreign tax and business laws in a foreign language, English-speaking financial advice and tax know-how can literally save you a fortune. Below are some of the services we provide to help expatriates make the most of their money.

Introductory Services
Introduction of new business or private clients to a range of providers of professional services, principally accounting services (see below), but also encompassing banks, estate agents, architects, surveyors, lawyers, notaires, assurers and translation services.

Intermediary Services
Attendance at and assistance with initial client meetings to ensure a smooth transition to the professional service provider. Attendance at further client meetings will be available to assist in the dialogue with the service provider, particularly to assist in areas of language difficulty.

Portaillon will occasionally host information seminars aimed at providing a basic level of understanding of the registration, legal, and accounting issues facing entrepreneurs creating businesses in France.

Business Transfer Services
Identification and publicising of business opportunities in France to the UK market. Portaillon is available to assist as interlocutory in any aspect of the business transfer process, particularly in facilitating the communication between parties to a transaction, giving you English-speaking financial advice on all aspects of business transfers every step of the way.


Introduction to Accountancy Services

Creation of business
Advising on and selecting the most appropriate form of business entity (forme juridique).

Registration of business
English-speaking financial advice that covers all aspects of businesses, such as registration of the business with the appropriate authorities, - Chambre de Commerce / Chambres de Metiers / Health and Safety / tax authorities etc.

Payroll administration
Maintenance of the payroll and social security records of the business, preparation of monthly payroll information, and administration of all necessary payroll compliance routines.

VAT administration
Regular reconciliation of the books for VAT purposes, preparation and submission of the VAT return, and administration of the VAT account.

Bookkeeping and accounts
Regular or periodic maintenance of the books of account of the business and preparation of accounts at the conclusion of the period of account.

For businesses of sufficient size, the conduct of a formal audit in compliance with approved auditing standards, and signature of the accounts by a “Commissaire aux Comptes”.

Tax declaration and administration
Compilation of figures for submission to the tax authorities, completion of the tax declaration, and administration of the tax dossier. And English-speaking financial advice that helps you make the most of your tax returns.


English-speaking financial advice in France - from Portaillon